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Corporate Growth

Session: VVLF3224

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3 Credits

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Taught In English

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Sustained growth is a goal of most organizations is growth. By growth strategy aims to achieve several benefits, such as economies of scale and experience curve effects, or exploit potential synergies of multiple types, thus laying the foundation for future benefits. By contrast, with a null growth it may be difficult to value and reward their staff, and can also take them to prevent the decline if competitors make inroads and the company lacks growth guidelines compensated, in fact, can be very complicated for a company to survive in a non-growth scenario.
Although the most obvious way to grow is to increase the current market share, although in many cases the company chooses to expand its presence into new markets. Moreover, there is much controversy on whether it is for a company growth through diversification: success stories abound but resounding failures. In any case, any growth strategy must be preceded by a strategic analysis to identify strategic assets with which the company has to deal with the new situation and new problems and pitfalls that can surface growth for the organization.
ew phenomena have much relevance for today's entrepreneur as mergers and acquisitions: the rightness or wrongness in one of these operations, increasingly common in today's environment, it is usually crucial to the future of any organization. Furthermore, analyzes own internal growth strategies, join the financial, legal and general tax affecting such operations. Finally, in the last part of the agenda we will consider some specific problems of business growth, such as those arising from the internationalization of the company or restructuring.

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