Course Description

Course Name

Marketing I

Session: VVLS3225

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level


  • Prior to enrolling in courses at this language level, students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of four semesters (or six quarters) at the college level.


 This subject introduces students to the field of marketing. The first topics provide an introduction to marketing through the study of the main marketing concepts. The course then focuses on the study of strategic marketing decisions, addressing the analysis of concepts such as marketing plans, segmentation, and positioning.

General Objectives:
1. Ensure that students are confident in the basic concepts of strategic marketing (value, positioning, segmentation, etc.).
2. Introduce the students to the field of marketing on two levels: theoretical (marketing as an academic discipline) and professional (marketing as a business practice).
3. Get the students used to reasoning and thinking about how to relate the theory learnt in the classroom to issues that, as consumers, they see on a daily basis.
4. Give students the tools to apply and retain the key ideas from marketing theory.
5. Use deductive reasoning and relate the theory of segmentation, positioning, consumer behaviour, and so forth, to the real behaviour and experience of consumers.
6. Enable students to perform SWOT analysis correctly.
7. Maintain a stance that promotes the importance of marketing as a body of knowledge and as a business practice.
8. Generate a critical awareness of the surroundings from a marketing perspective.

*Course content subject to change