Global Ambassador Program

Did you have a great time abroad and want to tell others about it? Interested in building your resume and getting involved in the field of international education? Share your experience and spread the word about studying abroad! Give back the gift of study abroad and become a paid Global Ambassador at your university.

GAs attend workshop with staff at the ISA/Veritas Austin Office


The Best Part of Being an ISA Veritas Alum

You’ve just returned from a life-changing semester abroad and, of course, you can’t wait to share your experience with anyone who will listen. You have tons of photos and videos documenting your trip and begin every story with, “That One Time In….” You also want to start saving some money so you can go abroad again because there’s no cure for your wanderlust. You love meeting new people, sharing your study abroad stories, and adding valuable experiences to your resume. Does this sound like you? If so, you should become an ISA Veritas Global Ambassador.

The ISA/Veritas Global Ambassador Program is designed to connect your experience abroad to your life back home. You will have the chance to globalize your campus by sharing your stories and encouraging others to study abroad. Still not convinced? Here are five (more) reasons why you should become an ISA Global Ambassador

It’s a Paid Position

It can be tough trying to save up money to travel when you’re in school and working as an unpaid intern. With ISA/Veritas’ Global Ambassador Program, you have the chance to talk about what you love to do (study abroad) and make money while doing it! GA’s are paid for all approved and documented work. Duties include presenting to a class, organization, or club, participating in study abroad fairs, assisting your ISA/Veritas Regional Director, and more.

*Note: Global Ambassadors are required to put in five unpaid hours of work during their first semester before they are eligible for compensation.

You’ll Gain Valuable Work Experience

During your time as a Global Ambassador, you’ll receive valuable work experience. You’ll have the opportunity to practice your public speaking skills, marketing chops, and can even add International Education to your resume. The Global Ambassador program is just one more way studying abroad with ISA Veritas can genuinely help you get a job after you graduate.    

You’ll Get to Talk About Your Time Abroad

Returning home after studying abroad can have its challenges. Your friends may not want to hear all about your incredible experiences, and you may miss your exciting life abroad. One of the best ways to combat reverse culture shock is to share your stories with people who want to listen and advocate for others to find their adventure abroad just like you did. As a Global Ambassador, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to showcase your stunning travel photos and talk with people who  want  to hear about “That One Time In…”

An ISA Global Ambassador traveling in Peru.

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You’ll Receive a Grant if You Want to Study Abroad Again

If you could study abroad again! Where would you go? ISA/Veritas gives Global Ambassadors the chance to save money on a second study abroad experience, so they can find new adventures abroad. GA’s will receive a summer, semester or year long grant to go toward future ISA/Veritas programs if they decide to study abroad again. 

You Could Earn a Trip to the ISA/Veritas Headquarters in Austin

A few of our top performing Global Ambassadors will earn an all-expense paid two-day professional development workshop in Austin, Texas. Go behind the scenes at ISA/Veritas headquarters in Austin, “the Live Music Capital of the World” and learn more about  ISA/Veritas and the Global Ambassador Program and receive invaluable professional development for your future career.  You’ll attend workshops that will enhance your skills and meet fellow GA’s from around the country. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Become a Global Ambassador Today!

You can see the Fall and Spring application dates, as well as apply for the Global Ambassador Program, in your Student Portal

If you have questions about the program, please contact It would be a pleasure hearing more about your study abroad experience!  Make sure to check out our YouTube video to learn more about the Global Ambassador Workshop, a 2-day development opportunity for our top performing GA’s throughout the year.


* Your participation in the program must be approved by the study abroad office at your home university. The application has a section that needs to be signed by a study abroad advisor on campus. If your home university does not think it is appropriate to have ISA/Veritas Global Ambassadors on campus, you will not be eligible to participate.