Study Abroad and Missions

"The fact that mission work and study abroad exist together is the best thing I could have done with my summer, and I truly believe this program should continue." -Claire B., Georgia Southern University, Costa Rica 

Christian Missions Study Abroad

Study Abroad and Missions

An exciting part of studying abroad with Veritas Christian Study Abroad is being able to participate in mission work in your host city and country! Studying abroad is an awesome experience on its own, but being able to do missions will multiply your experience. It’s a great way to see Christianity in another culture and serve with students from all over the United States and Canada.


My experience in ministry abroad was not only gratifying and useful, but it taught me lessons I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
-Sergio D., University of Florida, Spain 


Get Off Campus and Out of the Country

Your interest in Veritas shows you’re not okay with the norm. It’s not enough to be comfortable in your everyday living—no—you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and into a life-changing experience!

Get off your campus and out of the country. Discover a new culture and serve a community. Experience the local church in a host country while you earn credit toward your degree. Study abroad and do international missions, together.


"When I was looking at different study abroad programs, I had no idea how to choose one. They all seemed basically the same to me...When I stumbled upon Veritas Christian Study Abroad while poking around on the ISA website, I realized that I had found a way to differentiate. I called and talked to Katie, and the mission work sounded really intriguing and I liked the idea of getting plugged into a local church!"
-Nick R., University of Tulsa, Costa Rica


You aren't Alone

At each of our sites, you will be connected with a Mission Mentor who will meet with you regularly to help you connect to mission opportunities and Christian community. They love mentoring, praying, and doing Bible studies with students. 

"The missions mentor and the experience at a local church easily were the most valuable. I find it so important to be around people from the culture you're studying. I learned how to love the local church. Over the past few weeks, they have become my family. They reminded me that when we have Jesus in common, we have everything in common. I also loved having a mentor to guide and encourage me. She reminded me to make the most of my time here and trust God."
-Kat P., University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, England 


Live Your Mission

Participating with Veritas is a great option between short and long-term mission trips. You will get a better understanding of the life of a missionary and have more time to make lasting relationships with people in your host country.  

Whether you are teaching Sunday school, working at an orphanage, working with abused persons or prayer-walking- you will be blessed as you serve a community and live out God's Word.  

"Missions requires an incredible amount of humility and one cannot be humble whilst they are clinging to their cultural presuppositions and prideful arrogance. There have been so many instances this semester when I felt like I had no idea what to do or say (in a ministry context), and I had to simply stop what I was doing and watch and learn from my Chilean brothers and sisters to see just how they went about sharing the gospel and loving on people."

-Olivia Neveu, Houghton College, Chile 

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Mission Opportunities

Seoul, South Korea
Missions Mentor: Joy Choi

Opportunities to partner with Footstool Ministries where Joy is employed and has great access and influence with college students and young adults. Youth ministry, serving the homeless and other outreach is also available.


London, England
Missions mentor: Dr. Michael & Susan Goodman

Students will mainly be involved on the Kingston University campus doing college ministry. Homeless outreach is also available.


Paris, France 
Missions Mentor: Melissa Woodson

Students can serve with her IMB team and are shown the impact of prayer walking and intercession over the quarters of Paris that are highly populated by refugees and teaching English to refugees.  Also opportunities to fellowship with his local church.


Rome, Italy
Missions Mentor: Valeria DiChirico

Students work with Afghani/Iraqi refugees at a ministry called Il Soggiorno. Students interact and meet with them weekly and prepare meals with them. There are prayer walks and other ministries available through Valeria.


Sevilla, Spain
Missions Mentor: Cary & Sharon Owen

Opportunities to work along with a Spanish foundation to begin a Christian school to reach Spaniards with the Gospel by teaching English. Also hosting gatherings for the neighborhood the Owens live in and partnering with their church in a town 20 minutes from Sevilla.  


Florianopolis, Brazil
Missions Mentor: Stan & Wendy Meador

Students are involved with youth ministry, English language practice, small group discipleship, health education, college ministry, and tutoring.


Valparaiso, Chile
Missions Mentor: Pamela Duran

Ministry opportunities at elder care home “Años Dorados”.  Also orphan care, youth ministry, food provision for homeless, visits to Protestant high schools available.

San José, Costa Rica
Missions Mentor: Carlos Graugnard

Students serve with “Face of Justice” ministry which serves to defend shelter, empower and love survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation and work through prevention and restoration. Students are also involved with Hogar Casa de Pan, a children’s orphanage. Street ministry and bible studies also available.


Cusco, Peru
Missions Mentor: Joy Allen

Ministry options teaching English classes at churches and schools, serving orphanages, and other youth activities. Students in the past have also volunteered at an after school program for children in impoverished areas. Joy and her family have been serving with YWAM for over 10 years and are well connected in the area to yound adults and children outreach ministries.


Glasgow & Stirling, Scotland

Missions Mentor: Mike Kurtyka

Students will learn more about the surrounding cultural landscape of either Glasgow or Stirling through the local Mission Mentor who also happens to be the On-Site Resident Director. Students can get involved in college and young adult ministries as well as various outreach opportunities.


Prague, Czech Republic

Missions Mentor: Brian McClure

Students will come alongside Brian and have the chance to get involved in a host of college and youth outreach ministries. Brian has been working with the International Missions Board for some time and will be there to help students navigate their roles as ambassadors of Christ within an outwardly agnostic society within the local campuses. Students will also have the opportunity to join with small grass root church groups just starting out!


Cape Town, South Africa

Missions Mentor: Sima Ndzamela

A local to Cape Town, Sima has been a part of the local Hillsong Church and is a great encouragment for students eager to participate in youth outreach. Students will learn and witness the many challenges still facing this post-apartheid country as they serve in Gugulethu, a local township that has endured extreme poverty. 


*Ministries are subject to change as the need of the community or church may change.


  • Campus Outreach

  • Refugee Ministry

  • Orphanage Ministry

  • Social Justice

  • Worship Leading

  • Children's Ministry

  • Elder Care Ministry

  • Special Needs

  • Youth Work

  • English clubs

  • Sports camps

  • House churches

  • Prayer & intercession

Mission work varies by site & term. Please email for more info!