About Veritas

"This has been a journey of Jesus continuing to wreck my life in the most beautiful way. He continues to breathe new life into me and wake me up to the incredible mission that is going on around us."

Jessica M., Washington State University

All Veritas programs offer study abroad and mission opportunities for semester and summer terms. Certain programs also offer academic year terms or Intensive Language programs. Check out our 1-minute clip for what we are all about!

Study Abroad with Missions 

Why study with Veritas Christian Study Abroad? You will work with the local church & ministries while you earn college credit toward your degree! Serving others in the host community for a semester or summer program gives unique immersion and perspective of your host culture. You will get a broader understanding of the joys and challenges of cross-cultural ministry beyond the experience of a short-term mission trip. Check out this 1-minute clip for more information!

Study Abroad with Spiritual Support

The mission of Veritas Christian Study Abroad is to provide college-level study abroad programs at host universities while helping students develop as mission-minded Christian leaders as they learn to live and serve in another culture.  On a Veritas program, you will receive on-site spiritual support from a Mission Mentor who will help make your time abroad a spiritually challenging and growing experience. Your Mission Mentor will also engage you in Christian community through a local church and other ministry opportunities.

Study Abroad with an Experienced Provider

Veritas Christian Study Abroad is a division of International Studies Abroad (ISA).  ISA is an innovative leader in the study abroad community.  For over 30 years, ISA has been providing high-quality academic programs with excellent student support at home and abroad. Veritas Christian Study Abroad is privileged to utilize the experience and infrastructure of ISA to create programs for students interested in participating in missions during a study abroad term. Veritas shares offices and support staff with other ISA programs, and Veritas students and traditional ISA students will participate in orientation, classes, cultural activities, and excursions together. Our office staff are very experienced and will do everything they can to help a student's time abroad be successful.

Your faith will grow as you venture into a new culture and are stretched in your understanding of who God is and what he wants to accomplish in your life.