Veritas Christian Study Abroad in Cusco, Peru

Veritas Christian Study Abroad & Missions: Cusco, Peru


  • Language, Literature & Culture – Academic Year/Semester

  • Language, Literature & Culture - Summer

“Throughout my past four months in Cusco I feel as if the Spirit has been guiding and encouraging me day by day to reaffirm that He is our ultimate provider, comforter, and home. We have the incredible ability as disciples of Christ to be His hands and feet around the world, loving His children in deep and radical ways, and no borders can hold back the power of God to work in such incredible ways to make His Kingdom come and His will be done.” Kara Chambers Fall 2015


Religion in Cusco is very important and prevalent.  One will find many different religious expressions in Cusco from Catholicism to Krishna. The ancient ruins of Machu Picchu remind one of the ancient worship of the Sun and Earth, while new churches in non-traditional locations like coffee shops indicate a changing religious climate. Students will still find the ancient religion of symbol worship exemplified throughout the country; nonetheless, Cusco is a hot spot for Christian missions and the staff at Veritas believes you will be led through a journey with the Lord unlike any other!


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There are Semester and Summer programs available in Cusco, Peru.  Students who choose to do multiple programs will receive a discount. 


Minimum GPA: 2.5

Language Requirement: NONE (open to all language levels)

Program Highlights

Academic Overview

Semester Programs (Spring, Fall & Academic Year)

Students are required to maintain full-time student status during their programs, including:

  • One Veritas course: Cross-Cultural Leadership (required when min. enrollment of 6 student on-site met)
  • International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum required
  • Other courses at Universidad de Salamanca Cursos Internacionales en Cusco to maintain full-time student status

Summer Programs

Students will enroll in the following:

  • Two courses at Universidad de Salamanca Cursos Internacionales en Cusco  required
  • International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum required

Minimum Admissions Prerequisites

All students will take a placement exam upon arrival to determine language proficiency level. Exam results may determine eligibility for course enrollment. Students who arrive having completed the following number of semesters/quarters of college-level Spanish, or the equivalent, typically place into the corresponding language level:

Semesters Quarters Language Level
0-1 0-2 Beginning
2-3 3-5 Intermediate
4-5 6-8 Advanced
6+ 9+ Superior


Academic Credits

Credits earned may vary according to the policies of the student's home institution. For visa regulations, and according to Veritas Christian Study Abroad policy, students must maintain full-time enrollment status for the duration of the program as determined by their home institution. 



Students may be required to obtain a student visa and should inquire with the corresponding consulate.