• French Language & Liberal Arts – Academic Year/Semester

  • Arts & French Language - Summer

  • Paris, France: Intensive French Language - Summer


  • Business, French Language & Electives – Academic Year/Semester

  • Business, Culture & French Language - Summer

  • Business, Culture, French Language & Experiential Learning – Summer 

Paris with a population 2.15 million and metro population of over 12 million, is draped in history, tradition, culture, and glamour—not to mention academia. A center of learning with a plethora of French schools, Paris is an ideal destination for foreign exchange and study abroad students. The Seine River, which bisects the city into its north (Right Bank or "Rive Droite") and south (Left Bank or "Rive Gauche") areas, has long been a source of the city's economic, political, and artistic notoriety. The two banks of the Seine each have distinct personalities- the spacious boulevards and formal buildings of the Right Bank and the cultural and intellectual reputation of the Left Bank- which contribute to the diversity of this magnificent city. Veritas Christian Study Abroad is excited to partner with local churches and missionaries to see this nation and our students grow closer to Jesus. 


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There are Semester, Semester, and Intensive Month programs available in Paris, France.  Students who choose to do multiple programs will receive a discount. 


Minimum GPA: 2.75 at ABSP & 2.5 at the Catho

Language Requirement: NONE (open to all levels)

Program Highlights

Academic Overview

For semester and summer programs, please see the "courses" tab for additional information concerning each university in Paris.  students will take one Veritas program course, the International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum, the 3 credit Veritas Course, and three or four other courses from the American Business School of Paris (ABSP). A French language course is required for beginning language students.

For summer programs, students will take the International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum and choose one of the following options:
Option A: Students focus solely on business and culture by taking two courses at 45 contact hours each
Option B: Students combine one business or culture course (45 contact hours) and one French language course (60 contact hours)

Language Level Placement

All students must take a French language placement exam to determine the courses in which the student is eligible to enroll. Please note that a student's French language level in France is based on the standards of the French university.

Academic Credit

Credits earned may vary according to the policies of the student's home institution. For visa regulations, and according to Veritas Christian Study Abroad policy, students must maintain full-time enrollment status for the duration of the program as determined by their home institution.


U.S. citizens* studying in France for MORE than 90 days MUST apply for a student visa. Students must first register with and obtain approval from CampusFrance in order to apply for a student visa. Students may have to apply for the visa in person at the consulate that has jurisdiction over their permanent resident state.

Note that the CampusFrance registration process can take up to five weeks, and the visa application process may take up to four weeks.

Students holding a U.S. passport* and studying in France for UNDER 90 days do NOT need a student visa.

*If you are not a U.S. Citizen, please contact your local consulate for visa requirements and regulations.

Note: Embassy and consulate contact information is subject to change without notice. Please refer to the website of the embassy or consulate to verify information.