On-Site Office & Staff

ISA Veritas U.S. Team

Matt Gulizia: Program Manager, France

Originally from Omaha, NE, Matt earned his B.S. in International Business, B.A. in French, and M.Ed. in Higher Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He studied in Paris through ISA as an undergraduate, which sparked his passion for education abroad and the French language and culture. In his spare time, he likes practicing yoga, baking, and exploring different coffee shops in whichever city he finds himself. Matt finds study abroad to be one of the best ways to contribute to personal growth and loves being a part of that for his students.

Email: mgulizia@studiesabroad.com​


ISA Veritas Paris Team

Annamaria Antonopoulos, Resident Director

A Parisian of fifteen years, Annamaria Antonopoulos is an ideal Resident Director. From personal experience, education, and professional background, she is keenly familiar with all aspects of the study abroad experience. Her degrees include a bachelor's in Physics and a master's in French For Foreigners. In addition, she is working towards a master's in European Studies and Cultural Management. Before joining ISA, Annamaria did similar work, teaching French Language, Culture, and History to Hungarian and Romanian professors and American students living in Paris. Her current position allows her to further demonstrate her ability to work with people by coordinating a meaningful ISA Veritas program. When interacting with students, her characteristics shine through: passionate, organized, methodic, hardworking, enthusiastic, easy-going, fun, and always smiling!


Gabriel Antonopoulos, Assistant Director

Gabriel Antonopoulos originally joined the ISA Paris team in 2003 to assist with technical operations and coordinate Customized Programs. Today he’s Assistant Director, Director of Student Services, Paris Customized Programs Manager and also in charge of the administrative tasks. He has a master's degree in Mathematical Sciences and Data Processing from the University of Paris with an undergraduate degree in Business, and he has taught Computer Science courses in vocational training programs. Prior to joining ISA, he was Director of Marketing and Commerce for High Tech Solutions. Gabriel is a French citizen fluent in French and Greek with working knowledge of English. He has traveled throughout several countries and is in Paris since 1973. 


Delphine Lechevalier, Homestay & Student Services Coordinator

Delphine was born and raised in the Parisian region. At Panthéon-Sorbonne University, she studied Art History and Tourism. As an intern, she had the opportunity to be a guide, and now she is very happy helping students discover Paris. She loves Paris and is very excited to be able to share the French culture and patrimony with her students. She also plays the flute in an orchestra, and she is always happy to bring students to musical concerts or cultural activities--especially the ballet at the Paris Opéra Hall!


Rachel, ISA Veritas Mentor