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Paris Student Testimonials

The impact that studying abroad in France had on me will always be one I will treasure. Not only did I learn and enhance my French, I met other Christians living on a completely different continent that love and desire to reach people just like me. It has let me briefly live in a wide-ranging environment and share my love for God through my words and actions.

Taylor V., Oklahoma State University, France

Overall, I found the Veritas program spiritually stimulating and engaging. The ministry work was challenging, but it was a perfect reminder that God operates on His time, not ours. God used the mentors and my fellow students to open my eyes to areas in my life that need improvement and to solidify my interests. God also used this experience to strengthen me as a person as He developed certain qualities in my character while increasing my trust in Him.

Caroline O., University of Michigan Ann Arbor, France

My time with Veritas has been indispensable. Not only did I get to see the sites and live amongst an incredibly interesting culture, but I grew insurmountably in my faith and my relationship with God. He proved himself able and powerful and it was evident that he organized my everyday activities and encounters. He is almighty and continually chose to work in my heart and use me as a tool for his kingdom and glory!

Allie D., Oklahoma State University, France

"It was incredible to see the ways God used me in moments that I didn't expect. Today, for instance, I went to Subway for lunch. There were absolutely no tables left open and it was raining outside so I just went and asked an elderly lady if I could sit with her. After a brief conversation we got onto the subject of church and the differences between French and English worship. It was so interesting and amazing to see how God had orchestrated my day (the rain, the tables, my boldness in sitting with a total stranger, etc.) for this moment. There are so many other examples of this and it has been an amazing experience!"

Allie D., Oklahoma State University, France

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