Course Description

Course Name

US-European Relations Since World War II

Session: VSVF2221

Hours & Credits

45 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


This course will provide students with the theoretical framework necessary to help them think critically about transatlantic relations at many different, yet inter-related levels: political, military, security-based, cultural, and economic. The first part of the Course will focus on the historical context of this key network. The second part of the Course will examine the institutions linked to the transatlantic agenda: of a polotical, security-based, and economic kind. The third and last part of the Course will focus on cultural issues, including public opinion and anti-Americanism.

Course requirements:
1. Attendence and participation: Students are expected to attend all classes in keeping with U. Sevilla's attendance policy. If there is justifiable reason for missing class, the information must be communicated to the proper authorities as required. Active participation in class discussions is expected.
2. Punctuality: Students should plan to arrive in class on time. If the door is closed, please avoid entering the classroom. Late arrivals count as absenses.
3. Readings: Students will be expected to have undertaken all required readings before coming to class.
4. Mid-term and Final Exams: These will be taken in class, in the form of essay-based questions.
5. Essay and Presentation: Student swill select a contemporary topic of interest in order to write a 10 page, double-spaced typed paper related to the trasnatlantic dialogue. The topic will be due for approval by the fourth week of the semester. The essay topic will outline the US and "European" perspectives regarding a current-events topic. This essay will also provide the basis for a class presentations of about 20 minutes in length. Students should provide an oral summary of their work rather than  recitation of written paper. We will schedule the exact dates for these presentations at the beginning of the semester.
6. Academic Honesty: Students are expected to act in accordance with the University's standards of conduct concerning plagiarism and academic dishonesty.




*Course content subject to change