**Excursions may not be available for all programs and sessions. Some excursions may be optional and will cost an additional fee.**

Berlin, Germany

This major metropolitan city boasts countless art galleries, numerous museums, and architecture to amaze the eyes. Completely devastated at the end of WWII, Berlin has sprung back as a bustling Mecca of young minds and hip culture. Learn lessons from the past at Checkpoint Charlie, view the colorful East Side Gallery painted on the Berlin Wall, and spend time at one of the many top-quality museums around the city.


Ceske Svycarsko (Czech Switzerland) National Park

In north-western Czech Republic lies a government-protected wilderness that doubles as a natural playground. The area is known informally in English as "Czech Switzerland" due to the inspiring landscape of craggy hills and dramatic rock formations that have reminded some the Swiss Alps. Spend the day hiking the trails and taking in the beautiful scenery.


Cesky Krumlov

A UNESCO World Heritage site, south Bohemia's Cesky Krumlov is one of the region's prettiest towns. Made up of elegant Renaissance buildings that house charming cafés, pubs, restaurants, shops, and galleries, Cesky Krumlov is surrounded by picturesque countryside. On this day trip, you will explore the quaint town center, visit the castle, and a walk along the serine Vltava River.


Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)

Spend the day exploring and relaxing in this peaceful spa town in west Bohemia. This small Czech town is famous for its thermal baths, which are believed to have many healing properties. Take a dip in one of the curative mineral springs and tour the unique spa architecture.


Kutna Hora

This UNESCO World Heritage city once competed to be the capital seat of the Czech Republic and is one of the most historically important cities in the country. Visit the "Bone Church," a small chapel decorated with over 40,000 human skeletons. Down the road lies St. Barbara's Church, one of the most famous Gothic churches in Central Europe.



There are few regions in the world which can offer Moravia's enviable combination of World Heritage architectural gems, unspoiled farmland, countryside views, and local traditions that still imbue the daily lives of locals despite dating from as many as six centuries ago. The town boasts quaint churches and monuments, sun-soaked vineyards, brightly colored houses, and a reputation for unsurpassed Central European hospitality.


Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city dripping in culture. The city is full of museums, galleries, concert halls, and top-notch shopping. Wander through this historic-yet-modern city and discover hidden alleys and shops as street musicians play lovely Mozart tunes. Tour the beautiful gardens of the Schönbrunn Palace, visit the Hofburg Palace, and revel in the many musical and culinary delights of this worldly city.



Terezín gained international notoriety after becoming a concentration camp during WWII. The ghetto was used as a holding ground for the overflow of prisoners awaiting transport to Auschwitz and other extermination camps, although about a quarter of the inmates (33,000) perished in Terezín itself due to the awful living conditions.