Course Description

Course Name

Art and Architecture of Prague: The City Throughout Centuries

Session: VPGS1124

Hours & Credits

45 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course Description & Objectives
The course gives a general overview of the Fine Arts development in Europe with a special focus on Central Europe and monuments of Prague. The teacher presents a few particular pieces of art that represent well the époque or style. We analyze the details, historical context, iconography and formal qualities that represent the individual style. By detailed information on particular piece the student gets a good insight to the History of Fine Arts as an academic discipline. The facts on important artists and movements are selective. They illustrate typical features of a certain time period. The first half of the lecture is usually held in the classroom. Students get information on a certain problem or époque. The second half of the lecture is usually spent on the field trip, or in some of the numerous collections
of Fine Arts in Prague.

The students are motivated to apply their knowledge – e.g. date the piece, describe the iconography, discover important details. They sometimes guess the original purpose of the object; recognize its modifications and later additions.

The course covers the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque times, up to Modernism and the Contemporary art scene. Special attention will be paid to the unique characteristics and developments of art (e.g. Prague Castle, Baroque churches, Czech cubism) and to the most glorious periods in the history of Czech Lands (era of Charles IV, Rudolf II). The course deals with these topics.

The students will get a general idea of art and architecture in Europe. They should distinguish basic historical styles


Course evaluation

  • Various Assignments 15%
  • Final exam 25%
  • Visual talents in the Art history 10%
  • Discussion in the classroom and on the field trips, overall interests in the subject 20%
  • Final essay 30%


Class Protocol
Students are required to be involved in class activities. They are expected to show their preparation by participating in discussions, by asking relevant questions, being critical and analytical with the contents presented in class as well as by sharing their ideas and opinions. It is expected that students arrive to class on time and that they return promptly to class after any given class break.

*Course content subject to change