Course Description

Course Name

Elementary Czech

Session: VPGS1224

Hours & Credits

3 US Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level


  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Students living in a foreign country will at some point need to ask directions, order food or just say hello. The language classes will introduce the student to the Czech language and ease his or her transition into Prague life through basic knowledge of the language. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the basic elements of Czech. The class will enable the students to begin to understand and speak very basic conversational Czech.


1. a) Introduction. Pronunciation. Stress.
b) Czech Alphabet. Assimilation. Reading Exercises.

2. a) Lekce 1: Dialogy
Grammar (G): Personal pronouns and the Verb To Be
b) Lekce 1: Dialogy
G: Demonstrative pronouns

3. a) Lekce 2: Text
G: Adjectives. Possessive pronouns.
b) Lekce 2: Text
G: Adverbs. Feminine nouns.

4. a) Lekce 3: Revision lesson 1 - 2
b) Lekce 4: Dialogy.
G: Verbs in present tense.

5. a) Lekce 4: Dialogy
G: The Accusative singular
b) Lekce 5: Dialogy
G: The Verbs: ZNÁT, V?D?T, UM?T

6. a) Lekce 5: Text I: Cizinec v Praze
G: Cardinal numerals.
Dialogy. Text II.
b) Lekce 6: Revision lesson 4 - 5

b) Lekce 7: Text I: Obchody, nakupování
G: Ordinal numerals. The Nominative plural

8. a) Lekce 7: Dialogy. Text II: Obchodní d?m.
G: Indefinite and negative pronouns.

9. a) Lekce 8: Text: Dopis
G: Accusative plural. Questions: KDE? KAM?
b) Lekce 8: PRESENTATION II (A letter to my friend).
G: Adverbs denoting quantity. Question: KDY?

10. a) Lekce 9: Dialogy: Hotel
G: Modal verbs

11. a) Lekce 9: Dialogy: Restaurace.
G: Likes and dislikes.
b) Lekce 10: Dialogy: Rodina. Povolání.

12. a) Lekce 10: Text: Rodina. Povolání. Presentations.
G: Comparison of adjectives.
b) Lekce 11: Revision lesson 1 - 10 (Ex. 1 - 12)

13. a) FINAL
b) Presentations. Dialogues. Evaluation.

Grading Sheme:
Class Attendance and Active Participation: 30%
Midterm Test: 20%
Final Test: 20%
3Assignements (Presentations I, II, III, min. 150 words each): 30%

Grading Scale:
90-100 A (Excellent)
75-89 B (Very Good)
60-74 C (Average)
59- and less F (Failure)

Textbook: ELEMENTARY CZECH - A. Anto?ová, 2009

*Course content subject to change