Course Description

Course Name

Russian I

Session: VPGS1324

Hours & Credits

6 ECTS Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level


  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course Description
Russian 100 is a beginning language course introducing students to language and culture. The goal is for the student to gain basic comfort in speaking and writing Russian on topics of personal interest. The focus is on learning words and phrases related to the topics of self-description, one’s interests, family, living spaces, city and university, introducing and getting acquainted, getting around the city and country, asking for directions, eating in restaurants, shopping, traveling and visiting the doctor. An essential element of RUS 100 is writing (daily
homework), acquiring basic conversational rituals, reading simple but interesting texts and becoming familiar with the basics of Russian literature and vernacular culture. Russian 200 continues the course (and completes the CEES and IRD requirement).

Course Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of RUS 100 the student will have:

  • Mastered basic lexicon of the above specified cultural domains;
  • Analyzed and tested out new grammar strategies in listening, writing and speaking; used new conversational routines;
  • Opened and managed basic conversations;
  • Written brief and basic texts about him or herself, one’s surroundings, family, studies, interests et al.

*Course content subject to change