Course Description

Course Name

Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills for Managers

Session: VPGS1324

Hours & Credits

6 ECTS Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course Description
One of the most important skills modern global managers needis the ability to communicate clearly, succinctly and effectively across multiple platforms and media, to multiple audiences. This course is an advanced presentation and communication skills class for future global managers. Students will develop and refine their oral, written and visual communication skills through practical, professional level exercises and assignments in a “workshop-like” learning environment. This will include use of content writing, writing appropriate emails, the “elevator pitch” forbusiness ideas, and presenting a short “Ted” like talk. Various on-line platforms and new media will be utilized in the course including slideshare, Wix, and others. The differences, and benefits, of Linear Presentation and Communication, and Non-Linear will be reviewed. A key focus in the course will be on communicating visually and digitally.

Course Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
–Demonstrate, develop and give professional level presentations;
–Demonstrate professional level publicspeaking skills;
–Demonstrate and understand the use of audience analysis to adapt a message to a professional business audience;
–Demonstrate and practice an understanding of the multiple steps involved in preparing and presenting coherent and polishedmessages to multiple audiences;
–Write in a professional level business “style” with clarity and precision;
–Use persuasive written, verbal and visual strategies to compose a variety of persuasive messages and other communications;
–Prepare, organize and deliver an effective formal presentation (“Ted” talk);
–Demonstrate an understanding and the ability to utilize effectively, the multiple platforms and media available today that managers use to communicate with a variety of audiences including customers, stakeholders, employees and others;
–Demonstrate, use and implement the various digital platforms utilized in the course;
–Demonstrate an understanding of how to choose and use particular media platforms to deliver the intended message;
–Understand and demonstrate how best to effectively communicate data, numbers and other complex forms of information;
–Place in context and lend perspective to use of visuals and graphics in communicating important business messages clearly;
–Demonstrate the knowledge of when and how to use visual, oral and written communications and how to combine them in effective communication with the chosen audience;
–Understand the key role of non-verbal communication for global managers.

*Course content subject to change