Course Description

Course Name

Economics of Strategy and Information

Session: VSOF3221

Hours & Credits

3 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

ECON205 (Mathematics for Economists)
Calculus (differentiation and integration): Students with a weak mathematical background should review basic concepts in calculus.

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course Overview
This course aims to provide basic tools in game theory and information economics at a rigorous level. It also covers some applications.

Course format

  • ¬†About 90% of each class will be devoted to lecture and the remaining 10% to Q&A sessions and discussions.
  • ¬†Lectures focus on understanding basic concepts and solving problems. Asking questions is a critical part of learning and students are strongly encouraged to do so in class.

Main textbooks

  • P. K. Dutta, 1999, Strategies and Games, MIT Press.
  • I. Macho-Stadler and J. D. Perez-Castrillo, 1997, An Introduction to the Economics of Information (2nd edition), Oxford University Press.

*Course content subject to change