On-Site Office & Staff

U.S. Team

Marlee Nangle, Program Manager - Valencia

Marlee resided most of her life in Washington before moving to Montana to earn her B.S in Education from Montana State University. In school Marlee discovered her passion for helping others on their journey to academic and personal success. Her own experiences abroad in Costa Rica and around most of Europe proved to be extremely formative milestones in her life. Inspired by experiencing new places she left Montana and now resides in Austin, Texas where she is ecstatic to be Program Manager at ISA to support students through their personal growth abroad! In her spare time you can find her practicing yoga, painting, catching live music, and attempting to cook new fun meals.

Email: marlee.nangle@worldstrides.com


Valencia Team

Manuel Gutierrez, Resident Director

Manuel "Manu" Gutiérrez Olavarría began working with ISA in 2001 as a Resident Dirctor in several ISA sites: Sevilla, Santander,  Barcelona, and is now in Valencia. Manu enjoys being surrounded by different cultures and believes this aspect of the job is the most rewarding. 


María Vilar, Student Services Coordinator

Maria was born in Peru and moved to Spain when she was 5 years old. When she was 13 she took part in an exchange with an Italian School. Later, at 16 years old, she did another exchange with a school in the Netherlands and again at 18 with a school in the United States. After finishing high school she lived in London for 3 years to experience the culture and the lifestyle. 
She enjoys studying tourism and loves to travel, her latest adventure was a month long solo trip to Thailand. She loves to explore new countries and meet new people, with a burning desire to learn about different cultures and lifestyles from around the world. She is delighted to be working with ISA to give students the best possible experience during their stay in Valencia.

Francesco Pomponio, Cultural Activities Coordinator

Francesco was born and grew up in the center of Italy. He graduated from the Alma Mater University of Bologna with a degree in Foreign Languages translation. After his graduation, he first worked as a translator and then as a seafarer onboard cruise ships. Thanks to these experiences, he gained new professional skills and strengthened his cultural knowledge. After being at sea for several years, he decided to move back to Italy and joined the education industry by working as Erasmus + Project coordinator. Francesco loves travelling and embracing new cultures. Working in the education industry represents the perfect opportunity to keep widening his horizons and work in an international environment.


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