Course Description

Course Name

Track I: Elementary Spanish I

Session: VVLF3124

Hours & Credits

4 Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

True Beginning

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Elementary Spanish I (SPAN 111) and Elementary Spanish II (SPAN 112) are four-credit
language courses offered to students who are enrolled in the program and have not taken
any Spanish courses at college-level before. These courses are designed to help non-native
speakers of Spanish to acquire basic communicative competence by providing the
opportunities to develop the basic skills of a language: listening, speaking, interacting,
reading and writing. The main emphasis of these courses is on communication and,
therefore, class attendance is essential.

Learning Outcomes
After the successful completion of Elementary Spanish I and II, the student will be able to
-handle a number of communicative tasks that involve narrating and describing in the past,
asking and talking about future actions, making hypothesis and expressing variable degrees
of certainty
-identify and produce the sounds of the Spanish language and relate them with the Spanish
-create with language in order to write one-page compositions regarding familiar topics
-employ and thus, develop reading strategies to compensate for lexical gaps and interpret
implied meanings in written texts
-summarize the main ideas and interpret different types of written genres
-observe and interpret cultural aspects of the community the student lives immersed in.

Assessment and testing procedures will be representative of the type of language instruction
offered through classroom activities. Each course (SPAN 111 and 112) will have an
independent grade, calculated with the following components.
Midterm- 35% + final- 35%
Oral tasks- 10%
Homework and written assignments- 10%
In-class participation- 10%

*Course content subject to change