Custom Programs

What is a Custom Program?

ISA Veritas (a division of International Studies Abroad (ISA) by WorldStrides) can customize your faculty-led study abroad program in any of our 13 program sites or other sites offered by ISA or WorldStrides. We work with you to design a program that complements your academic objectives while facilitating a culturally and faith-engaging experience for students. We handle all of the pre-departure and on-site arrangements, enabling educators to focus on teaching. 

Now powered by the combined resources of WorldStrides and International Studies Abroad (ISA), our Custom Programs team partners with universities for global programs that meet your learning objectives and your logistical needs. With the most comprehensive capabilities in education abroad, we deliver programs in more than 105 countries, with tailored curriculum support, integrated risk management, and unmatched logistical expertise - elevating faculty-led programs with the power of partnership.

For a better idea of the types of programs offered through ISA Veritas and ISA, please look at the ISA CP page.


Program Inclusions

  • On-Site Staff

  • 24-Hour Emergency

  • Housing & Meals

  • International Airfare

  • Academic Visits

  • Excursions & Cultural Activities

  • International Medical Insurance

  • Guest Lectures


Signature and Support Programs

Enhance your education abroad program portfolio with ISA Veritas's Signature and Support Programs.


Signature Programs
The Signature Program approach is a collaborative process between ISA Veritas and your institution, which often begins with ISA Veritas recommending programs that align with your institutional or academic unit goals. Partnering with ISA Veritas on Signature Program development allows you to modify it to align with your curricular and co-curricular interest, while enjoying the benefits of ISA Veritas’s extraordinary, caring team.

ISA Veritas Signature Programs are a unique way to tailor ISA Veritas’ education abroad opportunities to help achieve your campus’ strategic initiatives. ISA offers a comprehensive array of education abroad programs, but not every program is going to meet the needs of your institution. Ideal education abroad programs look different on every campus. Additionally, developing academic and co-curricular components from scratch can be time consuming and often require resources that are not available on campus.

Support Programs

In addition to ISA Veritas Signature Programs, ISA Veritas can enhance your program portfolio by providing additional support to your existing direct-enroll partnerships. Often rooted in academic compatibility, research collaborations or as a result of a long-standing relationship, direct and exchange partnerships can be strengthened by utilizing ISA Veritas Support Services. 

ISA Veritas Support Services allow institutions to benefit from home tuition agreements and by utilizing ISA Veritas on-site support services and existing infrastructure abroad. ISA Veritas auxiliary support provides students with a more comprehensive experience and often results in greater engagement.

To learn more about ISA Veritas Signature and Support programs, please contact