Transcript Information


The Transcripts section will provide you with information on when your transcript will be sent to your home institution and how to request additional transcripts.

Receiving Transcripts

When a student completes an ISA Veritas program, two academic transcripts will be issued: one by California Baptist University for the ISA Veritas course and one by the host institution for all remaining courses.  Both transcripts will be sent to the ISA Veritas Austin Office and will then be processed. 


Process of Receiving Transcripts 

  • ISA Veritas students study at accredited host universities and receive an official transcript upon completion of the program.  

  • The transcripts are sent to ISA Veritas from the host university. 
  • It may take as long as 2-3 months for ISA Veritas to receive official transcripts from the host university after the completion of an ISA Veritas program. Most North American universities are accustomed to this delay; however, you should speak with your home university about potential delays before you go abroad. 
  • Once the transcripts arrive at ISA Veritas, the Academic Records department will automatically forward one official transcript to your home university via UPS, and one photocopy to your permanent address via USPS, unless there is an outstanding balance on your account. 
  • Your official transcript will be accompanied by an ISA Cover Letter.  The Cover Letter contains important academic information specific to your ISA program, including: translated course titles, credits/contact hours for each course, language level (if applicable), language of instruction, recommended U.S. letter grade equivalencies, and a recommended semester credit/quarter unit conversion formula. 
  • The photocopy of your transcript will be accompanied by a ‘Welcome Back’ letter containing the UPS tracking number so that you may track your transcript on the UPS website. 
  • You may follow this link to check the Status of Transcripts


Requesting Additional Transcripts

Should you need additional transcripts sent in the future (for jobs, graduate school, etc.) you must complete an Additional Transcript Request Form (ATRF).

If you need an official transcript for your ISA Veritas course, complete the Request a Transcript form for CBU.  Send this form to ISA/Veritas not to CBU.  (Extra fees apply). If you need an unofficial transcript for your ISA Veritas course, you can request this for $20 and notate it on the Request a Transcript form. 

Students should also include any additional required forms with the ATRF: i.e. AADSAS. If you are requesting a transcript to be sent to a university that is part of the University of California (UC) system or to WES (World Education Services), an original transcript will be required. In this case, please contact ISA to review your options.

Upon receiving the ATRF and payment, ISA Veritas will send an official copy of the foreign transcript to the location designated on the student's ATRF. All transcripts are stored at the ISA Austin office indefinitely. If you have any questions about requesting additional transcripts, please contact Academic Records (


Academic Records & Transcripts FAQ

Please follow this link to view the Academic Records & Transcripts FAQ.


Contact Academic Records

Remember that your home university will ultimately make the decision about how classes taken abroad will apply to your degree program. If you have any questions regarding transcripts, please contact the Academic Records Department in the ISA Veritas Austin office:

Before Retuning to the US or Canada

At the end of an ISA Veritas program, it greatly benefits students to meet with their on-site professors to find out their grades BEFORE departing their study abroad site. This may not always be a possibility, but several programs will allow students to check their grades before departure, and this will help avoid academic disputes several months after their program has ended. ISA Veritas also recommends students save all coursework and syllabi from the courses they complete at the host university. This may be beneficial to students if they contest a grade after returning home. This may also facilitate the transfer of credits from the host university to student's home university after the completion of the program.