Each Veritas program includes several excursions that are designed to help you gain a more in-depth cultural and historical understanding of your host country. 

**Excursions may not be available for all programs and sessions**



On this day excursion, summer students will get to enjoy the amazing landscapes of the Cajón del Maipo. Located in close proximity to the Maipo River, nestled between beautiful mountains and forests, students will find the Cajón del Maipo and Touristic Center and Sanctuary of Nature Cascada. This paradise is composed of 360,000 acres worth of mountain ranges, valleys, slopes and waterfalls.


Students return to the capital of Santiago to discover captivating details of Chile's history before, during and after the Military Coup of 1973. Students will take this opportunity to engage and learn about Chile?s political trials that has left such an important mark in their overall identity. During this excursion students will visit Cementerio General, Villa Grimaldi, and Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos.


Horcón is a small fishing village just north of Viña del Mar, and is often times considered an artisan's colony. On this day trip, students will find crafts of all types and also have the opportunity to sample delicious seafood empanadas. After an afternoon of treasure hunting, students will then have a chance to relax and visit the beautiful beaches of Zapallar.


Pomaire, one of Chile's most famed centers for artisans and crafts, is a great place to not only encounter high-quality pottery, but also for tasting some of the more typical Chilean dishes. One can't resist taking on the challenge to eat their famous giant empanadas, weighing over one kilo! 
Students then venture to Isla Negra to visit Pablo Neruda's Pacific Ocean home, even more outlandish than La Chascona in Santiago. This ecclectic waterfront dwelling, sits on a rocky headland between Valparaíso and Cartagena. Once vandalized and boarded up by the military government, it now houses the Museo Neruda, with the poet's collections of bowsprits, ships-in-bottles, nautical instruments, wood carvings, colored glasses and other memorabilia.


Optional for some or all sessions
Due to its natural beauty, Pucón, Chile is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts and a perfect place for peaceful relaxation. During this excursion, ISA will provide a tour of this glorious city. Students will have an abundance of activities to choose from, such as river rafting, visiting a volcano, mountain biking, taking a dip in some hot springs, and much more. It is a beautiful area of Chile, which all students are sure to enjoy.


Begin your program with a four-day excursion to the capital city which includes visits to La Moneda, the Presidential Palace, Cerro Santa Lucía, a steep hill in the center of the city where Santiago was founded, the Plaza de Armas and Catedral de Santiago, as well as the Central Market and Los Domínicos. Students will also have a chance to visit Barrio Bellavista, known as the artists' community of Santiago, La Chascona, one of Pablo Neruda's homes and Cerro San Cristóbal, a metropolitan park that overlooks the entire city.