Student Testimonials

Valparaiso Student Testimonials

"Missions requires an incredible amount of humility and one cannot be humble whilst they are clinging to their cultural presuppositions and prideful arrogance. There have been so many instances this semester when I felt like I had no idea what to do or say (in a ministry context), and I had to simply stop what I was doing and watch and learn from my Chilean brothers and sisters to see just how they went about sharing the gospel and loving on people."

Olivia N., Houghton College, Chile

“God blessed me and stretched me with the help of many beautiful people, diverse experiences, and powerful messages.... While serving and growing in Viña del Mar, the church felt like a family. In fact, sometimes I felt like they were serving me more than I was serving them.” 

Lydia C., University of North Carolina - Wilmington, Chile

"Veritas created community during an experience that has a lot of difficulty. It promoted growth and encouragement in your view of what loving those around you means."

Hannah S., University of Arkansas, Chile

"My meetings with my mentor were one of the highlights of the whole trip for me. I had no idea that I would get close to two hours a week with a woman that poured into my spiritual life so much. I grew in my faith greatly because of my time with my mentor. I am very thankful that mentorship is a part of the Veritas program. My time in Chile would have been completely different without it."

Emily E., Oklahoma Baptist University

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