Course Description

Course Name

Communicative Grammar

Session: VVPU1223

Hours & Credits

45 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Note: A placement exam will be required when you arrive on site.


  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Course description

The course Spanish Grammar, beginner level, integrates the rules of morphosyntactic configuration of the language and its basic communicative functions based on the students’ needs at this level.

Main objective

Develop the student’s grammatical competence, understood as: system of rules and instrument of communication
Specific objectives

  • Review and analyze the grammatical aspects related to the system of rules of the language and its usage rules.
  • Recognize and relate the morphological and syntactic components presented in class through various texts.
  • Apply the system of rules of the language in communicative situations.
  • Use the system of rules of the language in real communication situations.

Grammatical contents

1.0 Pronominal systems. Spain/Chile. The use of tú/usted (voh) - Most commonly used vocabulary + common expressions
1.1 Use of ser and estar + adjectives. Ser and estar + commonly used prepositions
1.2 Use of the verb haber in its impersonal form. Hay.
1.3 Preposition contractions: de+el: del / a+el: al
1.4 Orders. Formal and informal register. (present subjunctive)

1.5 Gender and number agreement. Nouns, adjectives. Demonstrative adjectives. Definite and indefinite articles
1.6 Pronouns: direct and indirect object. Uses of se.
2.0 Present indicative mood. Regular verbs (ar, er, ir). Everyday use verbs, reflexive verbs. Irregular verbs.
3.0 Interrogative pronouns. Interrogation in Spanish.


  • Theoretical and expository lessons.
  • Role plays
  • Pair work. Peer review.
  • Simulation
  • Worksheets for homework
  • Fieldworks.


  • Attendance and participation (10%)
  • 2 tests (20% each, 40% in total)
  • Homework, worksheets (20%)
  • Final exam. (30%)

Alarcos, Emilio. Gramática de la Lengua Española. Espasa Calpe S.A Madrid 1999.

Bosque, Ignacio and Demonte, Violeta. Gramática Descriptiva de la Lengua Española. Espasa Calpe S.A Madrid 1999.

Porroche, Margarita. Ser, Estar y Verbos de Cambio, Arcolibros S.A, Madrid 1988

Gili Gaya, S. (1998): Curso Superior de Sintaxis Española, 15 ed. Barcelona: Bibliograf

*Course content subject to change