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Brynne Shannon: Program Manager, Costa Rica

Brynne’s first experience overseas was when she studied abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Captivated by experiencing a different way of life, she decided to go back and spend the year after graduation teaching English in a rural Northern Thai town. After the experience of a lifetime, she became hooked on the love of travel and international education and landed her dream job working with students on their journeys to studying abroad. She has traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia and Australia, dabbled a bit in Europe, and is eager to venture to Latin America someday soon. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, tending to her urban garden and many houseplants, and taking barre classes.

Email: brynne.shannon@worldstrides.com



ISA Veritas San José Team


Adriana Caravaca, Resident Director, Costa Rica


Christian Vargas, Director of Latin America Operations

Christian Vargas joined the ISA staff in Costa Rica in 1999. Prior to joining ISA, Christian earned a Computer Science degree from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and a Business Administration degree from Veritas University. While in college, Christian used his free time to build homes for the underprivileged community in Costa Rica. Having visited each Central American country and several States in the United States, Christian gained an understanding of various cultures. Now, Christian enjoys supporting students as they adapt to life in Costa Rica, and he encourages them to explore Costa Rica's culture and natural beauty.


María Belén Jiménez, Resident Director, Costa Rica Programs

María Belén graduated from the National University of Costa Rica with a major in International Relations. She has worked in various human rights organizations, such as Defense for Children International - Costa Rica and the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights.

Belén had the opportunity to intern Office of Cooperation at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology where she became passionate about student and cultural exchange programs. Because of her experiences she truly enjoys meeting and interacting with people from around the world. She likes sharing the history, traditions, and food of Costa Rica and all beautiful places her home country has to offer.


Laura, ISA Veritas Mentor