On-Site Office & Staff

U.S. Team

Drew Beasley: Program Manager, Czech Republic

Drew's journey in experiential education all started while traveling through Indonesia and Fiji on his gap year. Feeling refreshed and transformed, Drew embraced every opportunity to study abroad while attending DePaul University. Drew has studied film in Rome, received a teaching certificate in Prague, backpacked through Patagonia, and lead diving trips in Belize. When not abroad, Drew works closely with the Gap Year Association and currently serves on their board of directors. At ISA, Drew is thrilled to help students study abroad and fall in love with new cities and countries around the world.

Email: drew.beasley@worldstrides.com


Prague Team

Daniela Procházka, Resident Director

Daniela has been ISA's Resident Director in Prague since 2008. She graduated from the University of Economics in Prague with a Master's degree in Human Relations Studies and International Trade. In 2004, Daniela spent 6 months on the Work and Travel Program in the USA in New Jersey. In order to improve her knowledge of economics and HR, she also studied at the University in Zurich in 2006. She has taught English at the Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies of the Charles University since 2002. Daniela enjoys spending time with her family and friends, loves playing beach volleyball, traveling, learning languages and likes good coffee. Her professional background and energetic personality make her a great asset to the ISA team.


Lucie Smitkova, Student Services Coordinator

Lucie joined the ISA family during the summer of 2009. In spring 2010, Lucie graduated from the Faculty of Education at Charles University with a Master's degree in English Language and Literature and German Language and Literature. Lucie provides Czech language tutorials for ISA students wanting to improve their language skills, and is dedicated to making the student experience in Prague an excellent one. She loves traveling and has been to almost every country in Western Europe. In an effort to improve her language and teaching skills, Lucie spent one year in Germany attending the University of Bonn specializing in German, American, and English literature. She also spent time in Florida where her interactions with American and international students showed her the unique opportunity to help students join two worlds together and while sharing the beauties of the Czech Republic.


Tomas Uher, Academic and Housing Coordinator

Tomas joined ISA Prague team in 2016. He graduated from the Faculty of Education of Charles University with a Master’s degree in English and History. To expand his horizons Tomas went to study abroad in Dublin for one semester and also spent a working summer in Maine, USA. For 3 years he worked for Charles University in the Information and Advisory Center where he was in charge of communication with foreign prospective students. In ISA Tomas deals with matters related to Academics and Housing. He is a passionate climber and the best way for him to re-charge his batteries is hiking in the mountains. Tomas follows a healthy lifestyle, but he can never say no to a sweet pastry. Therefore you can find him both in a climbing gym or a café or bakery with a delicious cake in his hands.


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