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The Romantic Period: Revolution, Slavery, War

Session: VLNF3423

Hours & Credits

20 UK Credits

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Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Assessment: coursework (5000 words)
The module examines a wide range of texts from the years 1780-1815, dominated by the French Revolution and subsequent Europe-wide war: a period of political anxiety and repression which also witnessed the fundamental cultural and literary upheavals collectively known as Romanticism. While sometimes querying this label, we shall consider the major Romantic poets Blake, Wordsworth and Coleridge, attempting to situate their approaches to Nature and Imagination within this shifting historical context. We shall also consider the emergence of explicit feminism in the work of Mary Wollstonecraft and others, and a range of polemical writings, poems of Sensibility and novels, by such writers as Edmund Burke, Robert Burns, Hannah More, William Godwin and 'Monk' Lewis.

*Course content subject to change