Course Description

Course Name

Contemporary Issues in Criminology

Session: VLNS3422

Hours & Credits

20 UK Credits

Prerequisites & Language Level

Prerequisite(s): compulsory HE1 set

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Assessment: essay (2500 words) [50%], oral presentation [10%], online information resource [40%]
The aim of this module is to focus on contemporary issues in criminology, social control and the criminal justice system. The broader theme will be to illustrate the
role of the state in crime and social control through, for example, the interface between social policy and crime control, the evolution of governmental form and criminalisation, and the rise of diverse forms and means of governance and their consequences on processes of criminalisation. Topics may include: new directions in
social control theory: risk, regulation & actuarial justice; the rise of mass incarceration in western societies; prisons & punishment: assessment, treatment &
disposal; race, crime and criminal justice, drugs: criminalisation & decriminalisation; terrorism, anti-terrorism & the globalisation of social control; war crimes in international relations; the Human Rights Act 2000: transforming criminal justice; the right to protest, policing protest and the criminalisation of political protest.

*Course content subject to change