Course Description

Course Name

Fashion in France: History, Style and Influence

Session: VPRU1223

Hours & Credits

45 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


1/ Objectifs généraux du cours :

A survey of French Fashion History from the late 17th Century to the early 21st Century.

Throughout the semester you will learn :
to be familiar with the main lines of fashion history (styles, personalities, designers?)
to be familiar with the history of Paris as a fashion industry
to explain the origins of the French luxury fashion industry

2/ Démarche pédagogique de l'enseignant
Most of the classes will be followed by an excursion to a Museum or an exhibition related to the course content

3/ Supports course files will be sent to students

4/ Références bibliographiques sommaires
Laver, James, Costume and Fashion a concise History, London, Thames & Hudson, 2007
Mendes, Valérie, De la Haye Amy, Fashion since 1900, London, Thames & Hudson, 2010

5/ Evaluation : (référence le document de synthèse du GT)
Trois notes de production :
Note 1 : a midterm exam and a final exam (10 questions)
Note 2 : for the museums, exhibitions you will see, write a 500 words report
Note 3 : each student will be assigned to present a personal work on a subject linked with Fashion (an accessory, a specific kind of garment, a designer?) This work could be done alone or in groups of two.
The presentation should last about 15 minutes


1. 1700-1789 Louis XIV and the luxury trade - The reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 1: Paris Fashion streets I : le Palais Royal

2. 1789-1799 The Revolution and the Directory
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 2: 18th century rooms at les Arts Décoratifs entrance free

3. Meeting at 2.00pm at the Invalides
1800-1815 Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 3: Hotel National des Invalides Uniforms from Louis XIV to Napoleon III
Entrance 7.50? (but usually free)

4. 1815-1848 The Restoration and the July Monarchy The Romantic era
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 4: Musée de la Vie romantique Entrance Global fee for the group 30?

5. 1848-1870 The Second Empire-Worth and the birth of Haute Couture
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 5: Anatomie d?une collection Palais Galliera global entrance fee 60? for the group

6. Exam #1 Review lessons 1-5
1870-1900 «Fin de Siècle» fashion
Student presentations

7. 1900-1914 Fashion of the Belle Epoque - Paul Poiret
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 6: Paris Fashion streets II Rue St Honoré, place Vendôme, rue de la Paix

8. 1914-1939 The Roaring Twenties, Chanel, Lanvin - The Thirties, Vionnet, Schiaparelli
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 7 : Jeanne Lanvin, Jacques Doucet and the decorative arts at Les Arts Décoratifs Entrance free

9. 1940-1970 Wartime and Fashion - Christian Dior and the New Look - The golden age of Haute Couture
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 8: Paris fashion strets III avenue Montaigne

10. 1970 -2000 Haute couture and Prêt à Porter The changing times
Student presentations

11 Dec Exam #2: Review lessons 6-10
Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 9:
Tenue correcte exigée Les Arts Décoratifs Entrance free

*Course content subject to change