Course Description

Course Name

Intensive French Language: B1-2 (High Intermediate)

Session: VPRU1523

Hours & Credits

90 Contact Hours

Prerequisites & Language Level

Please use the following only as a guideline to determine what each student's language level may be. Each semester/quarter is of COLLEGE-LEVEL French or the equivalent of:0 Semesters/0 Quarters = Beginning1-2 Semesters/ 1-3 Quarters = High Beginning3-4 Semesters/4-6 Quarters = Intermediate5-6 Semesters/7-9 Quarters = High Intermediate7-8 Semesters/10-12 Quarters = AdvancedFluent/Native Speaker = SuperiorPlease note that a student's French language level in France is based on the standards of the French university.

Note: A placement exam will be required when you arrive on site.

High Intermediate

  • Prior to enrolling in courses at this language level, students must have completed or tested out of a minimum of three semesters (or five quarters) at the college level.



To express: The past
Organizing different types of tales

Sequence of tenses
Chronology compared with the past or the future (the day before, that day, the day after etc..)
Indirect speech in the past
Distinction between the imperfect and the past
Shaping and value of the simple past

Big steps of life
History and current affairs of a country
News in brief


To put forward an hypothesis and condition: Wish/ Regret, Blame/ Forecasting, Advice/ Suggestion

Values of present and past conditional
If + past perfect/ conditional present and past
Subordinate propositions indicative, subjunctive and conditional shape
The use of the imperative with various pronouns

The nominalization
The derivation


To express logical links: reason, consequence, goals, conceding

In the expression of the reason, consequence, purpose and conceding:
Use of subjunctive after some conjunctions (for, for fear that, although, without that, where)
Construction after prepositions (+ nouns or infinitives)
Other possible constructions

Quantity, statistics: a lot of, a few, most of etc?
Studies of social phenomena:
Homes, the youngsters, the retire persons, the executives, Liberal professions

*Course content subject to change