Course Description

Course Name

Gender, Sexuality and Politics: Debates in Contemporary African Contexts

Session: VCPS3122

Hours & Credits

24 Host University Units

Prerequisites & Language Level

2nd year status.

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


Second year, first semester course, four contact periods a week.

This course explores debates around gender and sexualities as a way both of deepening knowledge about the politics of gender continentally, and of exploring the complexity of different African contexts? engagement with broad discussions on sexual rights. The course is divided into two sections which broadly focus on South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda. The first section addresses concepts on gender and sexualities through an examination of how sexualities were remade as a result of colonial conquest as well as how debates over gender and sexualities shifted post-?independence?. The second section looks at contemporary debates in gender politics and sexualities. These include debates of the (de)criminalization of sex work, culture and sexuality, reproductive health rights and sexual rights, and gender and the media.

DP requirements: Students are expected to attend all classes, and to submit all required assignments by deadlines identified in the course curriculum.

Assessment: One two-hour examination in June counts for 50%; classwork counts for 50%.

*Course content subject to change