Each Veritas program includes several excursions designed to help students gain a more in-depth cultural and historical understanding of the host country and region. Excursions are included in the program cost and cover ground transportation, entrance fees, and guided tours. Accommodations and breakfast are included on all overnight excursions. Some excursions may not be available for all terms. Optional excursions may be provided at an extra cost.


Busan is the second largest city in South Korea and it is  the fifth largest shipping port-city in the world. Busan is located on the southern tip of the Korean peninsula and is well known for its natural beauty - beaches and mountains. Sometimes Busan is even called "the summer capital of South Korea." Beyond going to the beach, Busan offers a wealth of historical and cultural landmarks, such as Oryukdo Skywalk, the largest seafood market in Korea, Jagalchi Sijang and and the impressive ocean-side Buddhist temple, Haedongyonggungsa. 


Buyeo was the capital of Baekje Dynasty that ruled in Korean peninsula for 123 years (AD 538 ~ AD 660) until its defeat by the Shilla. There are a lot of cultural and historical sites Buyeo can offer: fascinating Buddhist temples, enchanted parks and gardens, the Buso Mountain Fortress that showcases the ancient fortresses covered within wooden-covered paths, the Banwolli Pavilion, and the Nakwaam Rock, which is a rock famous for the legendary tale of 3,000 women who threw themselves to death after the empire was invaded by China. You will also visit the newly established facilities in Buyeo that resemble those of the Baekje Dynasty.


The Joint Security Area is a section of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South Korea that got separated after the end of the Korean War at 1953. The DMZ is occupied by the North Korean military in the north and South Korean and U.S. military forces in the south. It is a significant landmark in Korean history. You will be required to pass through several security checkpoints, and undergo a briefing before entering the Joint Security Area.

TOKYO (optional, semester only)

Though it began as a tiny fishing village in what was known as Musashi Province, Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, and the Tokyo Metropolis holds the honor of being the largest metropolitan area in the world. As would be expected of a city of its size, Tokyo is on the cutting edge of everything from architecture, technology, and fashion to food and pop culture. You will get to spend a weekend in the city and visit its most remarkable places.


Summer Only

DONGHAE (optional)

Spend a day in a beautiful province of Gangwon-do, located on the East Coast of South Korea. Gangwon-do is blessed with beautiful mountains and clean beaches that offer some of the best year-round views and vacation spots. The province's landscape is dominated by the Taebaek Mountains, which almost reach the sea. During your trip, you will visit the coastal city of Gangneung, will enjoy your time on Gangmum Beach and at Heo Gyun & Heo Nanseolheon Memorial Park and finish the day by having a true Korean dinner in Gangneung Central Traditional Market.


Korea University Cultural Activities & Excursions

Together with international and ISA students, you can participate in excursions and cultural activities organized by your host university.* The exact list is not confirmed but may include the following:

  • K-Pop Music Show
  • Korea University K-Pop Flash-mob
  • Lotte World Amusement Park
  • Taekwondo Class
  • Korean Calligraphy Class
  • Boryeong Mud Festival
  • Korean Folk Village
  • Nanta Performance Show
  • Panting Murals

*Please note, ISA staff will not be in attendance.