On-Site Office & Staff

ISA Veritas U.S. Team

Crystal Giedt, Program Manager, South Korea

Born and raised in a small town in Minnesota, Crystal’s various homes range in cities coast to coast including, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Honolulu, and Austin. In 2015, Crystal went on a cruise with her family that changed her life drastically. She was inspired by hearing stories from fellow passengers and cruise ship staff of living abroad. Upon returning from the cruise a decision was made to quit her job, donate her things and move to Thailand to teach English. Upon completion of her TEFL certification Crystal taught English at a private school in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Crystal has traveled to all Southeast Asian countries and aspires to continue checking countries off her list! The experience of working, living and traveling abroad motivated Crystal to steer her new career path, back in the US, towards International Education. In this new role, Crystal is excited about encouraging students to take a leap and see the world while studying. In addition to searching airline tickets on Google Flights, she enjoys running, taking group fitness classes, going to the movies and being a tourist in her home town, wherever that may be.

Email: crystal.giedt@studiesabroad.com


ISA Veritas Seoul Team

Euisoo Chang

I was born and raised up in Seoul, South Korea. After traveling to Europe during high school, I decided to study abroad for university. I am a graduate SUNY Plattsburgh, majored in Hospitality Management and also participated in National Student Exchange program in Hilo, Hawaii. Following graduation, I went to Tokyo, Japan on a Working holiday to explore  different Asian cultures and fell in love with Japan. After my visit in Japan, studying Japanese, watching Japanese drama became of my favorite hobbies and I love to travel hidden part of Japan. I also have traveled to more than 30 countries and am still wanting to see more beauty of the world. Before joining ISA Seoul, I worked in the hotel business in South Korea and Canada for 5 years and it improved my quality of service skills.


Minhee Lee, Student Service Manager

Born and raised in Seoul, Minhee graduated with a BA in English Language and Literature in Korea. After her study she participated in an international internship program sponsored by the Korean government and started her internship in San Francisco. She believes that it was a meaningful process for her to learn how to communicate in an environment where she has to interact with people from different cultures. In her spare time, she likes exploring different coffee places, hunting around vintage shops, and seeking adventures all around the world. So far, she has travelled to nineteen countries, over sixty cities, and is planning to visit some more!


Emily, ISA Veritas Mentor