You’ll live within walking distance of the University campus. The majority of students live in rented flats, which are apartments or houses, usually shared by four or five students. “Flatting” is an important part of Otago’s unique student lifestyle. It offers both independence and responsibility. Living so close to campus, students feel a real sense of community and a sense of belonging in a supportive environment.

All rooms are singles. While they are called “flats” the properties are either apartments or houses, owned or head-leased by the university.

The Flats are fully furnished. The common areas include lounge seating, table and chairs, oven (cooker), microwave, fridge/freezer, washing machine, dryer, basic kitchen set up ie cutlery, dinnerware, toaster, kettle. The bedrooms include double bed, mattress, set of drawers, desk and chair.

The University Flats house mostly international students, and some flats have Kiwi hosts. These are local students who live in the accommodation and are available as a resource to international students. While you will find yourself living with mostly other international students, the University Flats are spread throughout the university neighborhood, so it is likely you will have local student neighbors since 85% of Otago’s students live within a 15 minute walk of campus, and so will you. This makes for a very vibrant campus and student community.