Ministry Opportunities

While abroad, students will be partnered with a Veritas Mentor who will help them get involved with ministry opportunities and connect them with a local church and the Christian community in Dunedin. Students will meet regularly with their Mentor for prayer, reflection, and spiritual accountability; the spiritual support and opportunities will make their time abroad transformational! 

Ministry opportunities in Dunedin are diverse and relatively fluid depending on the student and their interests, and also what church students choose to attend, but can include student outreach; children’s ministry; humbly serving a health clinic run by volunteer Christian doctors by cleaning, doing administrative work, or serving tea or toast; or getting plugged into a local church and getting involved with them (hospitality, attending life groups, choirs, prison ministry, etc.).   

Red Frogs is a non-denominational student outreach organization that runs numerous events like providing water at concerts, making pancakes in residential halls, and more to reach out to university students. Students can also get involved with Engage, the college student ministry of Grace Bible Chruch in Dunedin, that meets Thursday evenings for Bible study, evangelism training, fellowship, and then making pancakes at college halls with Red Frogs.  

Through the non-denominational organization Launchpad, students can bring the love of God and his gospel through theater, games, and storytelling into some of the primary schools in Dunedin. This is a rare opportunity, as fewer and fewer schools opt to have this, but currently this is still allowed in public schools, so these groups carefully navigate the system to show God’s love to children who would not otherwise hear about Jesus. Students who enjoy working with children and can be outgoing, perform, and engage in group work will do well in this opportunity. There is also opportunity to serve at Servants Health Centre, a community-based medical clinic off campus (about a 20-minute walk) that is run by volunteer Christian doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and carers who meet the needs of the most vulnerable in the Dunedin community. SHC often needs help with cleaning and administration and making cups of tea and serving toast to those who use this service. Students must have a heart for serving even in doing unglamorous jobs (i.e. cleaning). 

*Ministry opportunities differs by site & term. For ministry details for a specific term, please email