What's Included

Comprehensive Advising and Support

A team of helpful ISA-Veritas staff members guides students through the entire study abroad process from application through reentry. The Program Advisors help prospective students with choosing a program to best fit their academic and cultural objectives. Once a program is selected, students then work with the talented team of Program Managers for the application and financial logistics while the seasoned Site Specialists guide students through academic, cultural and functional aspects of their programs.
The personal and individual nature of advising is supplemented by plentiful web-based materials. The Veritas online orientation has a fresh, user-friendly layout that assists in program preparation specifically tailored to each program location. Students can further develop personal and academic goals by viewing the ISA-Veritas student blog, :60 on Study Abroad video series, or the Culture Corner on each city specific page of the website.
Additionally, the Veritas Student Portal, an online interface allowing students the ability to upload supplemental program documents and receive valuable information regarding their study abroad program, was developed to assist students with program expectations and includes important pre-departure information on various topics related to their experience abroad.

Tuition at Host University

Tuition and administrative fees at the host university are included in the program price. Classes are held at the host university and are taught by local and/or visiting faculty. Some classes will have additional fees that are not included in the program price.

Official Transcript Issued by Host University with ISA Cover Letter

Upon completion of an Veritas program, the student's host university will issue an official transcript with all coursework taken abroad. Veritas' Academic Records department will process and forward the official transcript to the appropriate office at the student's home university, and a photocopy will be sent to the student's permanent home address for their records. Additionally, Veritas will provide a cover letter to accompany the transcript with important academic information, including: the host university's grading system and recommended U.S. letter grade equivalencies, translated course titles, and credit conversion recommendations.


Housing is provided on all ISA-Veritas programs in the Pacific Region at an additonal cost. Accommodation options will vary according to program site and session. For more details on ISA-Veritas' housing options and applicable security deposits please refer to the housing information for that particular program.

Bridging Cultures Program

The Bridging Cultures Program (BCP) encompasses the Veritas on-site orientation delivered to all students in the first days of their ISA-Veritas program, with key improvements in areas related to goal setting, intercultural awareness, diversity and professional development. For a number of reasons, the first days that follow a student's arrival on site offer us some of the best opportunities to effectively transmit information to program participants. While the pre-departure orientations that students receive from Veritas and their home universities are also important, students are typically more ready to focus on their study abroad experience when they arrive at their host country. The BCP is designed to help Veritas make the most of this important opportunity to educate students, and to give students the tools that will facilitate discovery and learning during their program. The BCP is an important introduction to a new culture, a new home and a new experience. The BCP is designed to prepare students for a successful, positive and rewarding experience that will influence the rest of their lives.
To learn more about the New Zealand Bridging Cultures Program including a general itinerary and activities check out the excursion page.

Full-Time Resident Staff

ISA-Veritas' full-time resident staff assists students with all aspects of their experience abroad. The resident staff provides support during official course registration and arranges the Bridging Cultures Program orientation, excursions, weekly meetings, cultural activities and much more. Staff members are trained to ensure the well-being of each program participant and are dedicated to facilitating a positive and meaningful study abroad experience.

On-Site Veritas Office

Most program locations have an on-site ISA-Veritas office within the program city. The on-site offices provide students a source of security while abroad by serving as a common meeting place and resource center. For more details, please refer to the ISA-Veritas Staff and Offices information for that particular program.

Computer and Internet Access

Veritas students enjoy free internet access at Veritas on-site offices and/or computer labs at the host university. ISA-Veritas will continue to install wireless internet services at additional program sites where available.


Organized excursions are included with each program to complement the academic component of the student's study abroad experience. These complementary experiences are designed to engage student learning outside of the classroom in the five areas of the Discovery Model. Transportation and guided tours are included as well as hotel accommodations and breakfast during multi-day excursions. Additional optional excursions may be offered during each program that are not included in the program cost, but provide students other opportunities for discovery.
Note: excursions are not included in the New Zealand Studies summer program.

ISA Discovery Model

A primary objective of all ISA-Veritas programs is to facilitate the learning and development of program participants. We rely on host universities to provide quality instruction in the classroom, but ISA-Veritas is the main facilitator of learning outside of the classroom. Efforts to promote student learning are shaped by a teaching and learning framework we call the ISA Discovery Model.
According to this model, student learning and development is organized into five areas of discovery: 1. Intercultural, 2. Historical, 3. Sociopolitical, 4. Professional and 5. Environmental
Throughout the duration of ISA-Veritas programs, we provide participants the opportunity to pursue these five areas of discovery. ISA-Veritas excursions and cultural activities are most important among these opportunities. Each excursion and cultural activity is designed to help participants reach a specific set of learning objectives. In addition to the ISA-Veritas cultural activities and excursions, ISA-Veritas will also point students towards non-ISA sponsored events and opportunities that will facilitate discovery in one or more of the five areas of discovery.

Cultural Activities in Dunedin

The ISA-Veritas program staff develops unique cultural activities custom-designed to invite students to experience the local color of their host city, while learning about the history and culture of their new surroundings. Speaking the native language with locals, tasting the regional cuisine, and partaking in the native traditions are just a few of the ways these cultural activities lead to full appreciation of the program city.

Medical Insurance

A Blanket Accident and Sickness Policy is included in the price and covers the program participant while abroad for the official on-site period of program. This is not an optional benefit; every ISA-Veritas participant will be covered by this policy.
We recommend that all program participants maintain comprehensive health insurance while abroad. This is particularly important if you have any pre-existing conditions, but is also beneficial if you have an injury or illness while abroad and require further treatment upon your return home. Consult with your current insurance provider to confirm coverage policies while traveling abroad.
Extensions of the policy are available for an additional fee if students plan to be abroad before or after the program period. A full description of coverage can be found on the ISA and Veritas website.

Comprehensive Health, Safety and Security Support

Health, Safety and Security (HSS) for ISA-Veritas students is jointly managed by our resident staff and HSS team. This team works to monitor risk at program locations, respond to any crises that may arise and develop policies to further ensure the health, safety and security of students abroad with ISA-Veritas. HSS also facilitates an in-house on-call system with a U.S.-based employee and manager who are on-call and available in case of emergency 24-7.
ISA-Veritas regular office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:00am - 7:00pm and Friday, 7:00am - 5:00pm Central Time. For students or parents who need assistance in an emergency situation outside of the regular office hours, please call the ISA-Veritas office at 512-480-8522 to access the ISA-Veritas emergency contact information for that particular week. Students who experience an emergency while abroad will also have access to on-site staff 24-hour emergency assistance.

Airport Reception

Ground transportation is provided from the Auckland airport for students who arrive during the ISA-Veritas designated arrival date and time and at the appropriate airport.

Visa Support

Our U.S.-based staff is trained to handle visa issues for New Zealand and their corresponding U.S.-based consulates. Please visit the Student Visa and Embassy page of the ISA website for more information.

Professional Development Toolbox

The Professional Development Toolbox, available in the online orientation section of the student portal, will help students identify the skills and key competencies they have developed through their personal, academic and cultural experiences. The ability to articulate the international experience is a learned skill. This toolbox helps students communicate the transferable skills in a way that shows potential employers or post-graduate universities the benefits our alumni will provide them as a direct result of their experience abroad.

Scholarship Opportunities

Students participating in an ISA-Veritas program have the opportunity to receive scholarships or grants that can be applied directly to assist with their study abroad. ISA-Veritas offers approximately $150,000 in scholarships to participating students each year through the ISA scholarship program and through several of our host universities. To see what's available, visit the ISA Scholarships page.