Course Description

Course Name

Managing Innovation and Growth

Session: VDNS3121

Hours & Credits

18 Credit Points

Prerequisites & Language Level

Taught In English

  • There is no language prerequisite for courses at this language level.


The New Zealand context, theory and practice of innovation and growth in new and established organisations.

Upon successful completion of this paper, students will be able to undertake a structured, thoughtful and non-prescriptive approach to innovation management strategy formulation and evaluation. The paper also provides students with the opportunity to draw together elements of other papers in a way that will enable them to understand that innovation management is a key management activity within a complex system of interrelated parts.

Teaching Arrangements
One 2-hour lecture per week, plus tutorials and meetings

Paper Structure
Lectures, discussions and tutorials

Learning Outcomes
- Demonstrate an understanding of how contemporary, business-focused innovation management can add value by contributing to creativity, innovation and overall operational excellence within organisations
- Working individually and as an effective member of a team, demonstrate a commitment to the acquisition of knowledge, appreciation of global perspectives and development of critical-thinking skills and knowledge sharing by undertaking a critical review of current research
- Formulate a critical analysis of current policy and practice by designing and practically applying an outcomes-focused innovation management framework
- Identify the activities performed by key individuals and provide insight into the enablers and inhibitors of innovation management
- Demonstrate an understanding of the reasons why innovation management policy and practice should be interrelated with elements of other business functions rather than an unrelated component
- Demonstrate competency in reflective practice as a basis for future diagnostic and analysis work

Shilling, M. (2013). Strategic Management of Technological Innovation (4 ed.). McGraw-Hill Irwin.

*Course content subject to change