Spring 1 2024: Natural Sciences, Exercise Science, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts


Course list Spring 1 2024: Natural Sciences, Exercise Science, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Spring 1 2024: Natural Sciences, Exercise Science, Social Sciences & Liberal Arts (Mid February, 2024 - Late June, 2024)
Catalog Code: VDNS3124


Minimum GPA

Students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.00.

Minimum Admissions Prerequisites

There is no language prerequisite for this program.

You must have a minimum of two semesters completed at a four-year university at the time of application. Some exceptions may apply; please contact the Program Manager for more information.


ISA Veritas Course

All ISA Veritas semester students will take their traditional courses at the ISA host institution in addition to one 3-credit ISA Veritas course. Students will choose one of the two courses below. The Comparative Religions course will be online and include students from across ISA Veritas sites, and the International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum will be online/on-site. 
Comparative Religions (HUM 353)
This course is an introduction to the major religious traditions of the world—particularly Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—and indigenous, new, and secular religions. The historical development, key figures, as well as major doctrines and practices are explored.
International Missions/Service-Learning Practicum (HUM 490)
This course provides upper division service-learning credit for international missions projects, an extended missions experience designed to acquaint students with the implementation of missions principles in an international context through ISA Veritas Christian Study Abroad programs.


Courses at the University of Otago

Credit Points

54 - 72

Recommended U.S. Semester Credits

12 - 16

Recommended U.S. Quarter Units

18 - 24

Academic Information

Sample Courses and Syllabi

  • The courses listed below are only a sampling of courses available; please click the "Complete University Course Catalog Listing" link for the full Course Handbook. Requests for syllabi can be made to the Program Manager.

Credit Conversion

  • 1 University of Otago course = 18 credit points = 3 - 4 U.S. semester credits (4-6 U.S. quarter credits).
  • Credit transfer is ultimately determined by your home university. 

Course Level Recommendations

  • ISA offers course level recommendations for the courses listed below. Please note that the course level recommendations are based on the University of Otago paper (course) codes. All Otago paper codes consist of four letter abbreviations detailing the discipline of the paper (such as STAT for statistics) and three numbers. Papers with numbers beginning with 1, 2 or 3 are designed for undergraduate students. A code beginning with 1 represents first-year studies, 2 second-year, and 3 third-year. Papers classified as second and third-year are recommended as upper division. These ISA recommendations are intended to facilitate the determination of course equivalencies by advisors and credential evaluators at your U.S. home institutions.

Online Courses

  • ISA does not recommend that you sign up for online courses through your host university. If enrolling in an online course is necessary for you to meet your degree requirements, you may only enroll in one online class. It is your responsibility to confirm with your home university that you will receive credit for online courses taken through your host university.


  • The transcript from the University of Otago will reflect Credit Points for each course listed below.  Please be in touch with your U.S. University regarding credit transfer for this program.


You can either look at the list of subjects by school or alphabetically, or search for a paper by typing in a keyword.

     - To search by keyword, type a keyword (ex: "literature") into the "keyword" box. This will bring up all literature courses.
     - To search alphabetically or by school, click on the department in which you would like to take classes.
     - Click on "papers" to see what courses are offered in that subject.
     - List eight different courses (4 preferred and 4 alternative) in order of preference.

Understanding the Course Catalog

     - Which Semester is which?
          - Semester 1 = February - June term
          - Semester 2 = July - November term

     - You are only permitted to enroll in courses leveled 100-300. Study abroad students are not eligible for Foundation courses (below 100-level) or anything above the 300 level.

     -Course level equivalences per Otago
          - Level 100 = Freshman/Sophomore status
          - Level 200 = Junior status
          - Level 300 = Senior status
     - Sports Management classes (SPSX) are not available to study abroad students.


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